Today’s students are the next generation of role models and innovators

They are pioneers, trendsetters, adventurers, philosophers, artists, teachers and scientists. Our villages are where they live, learn and grow into their future roles within the community – with a gentle steer from our Village teams, who are always on hand with some sage advice. From the moment a student applies to live with us, they are guided through their journey with tailored welcome experiences, exclusive events and dedicated support throughout the year.

Ramping up the First Year Uni experience

In Australia, our student life offering includes an award-winning V1 – First Year Uni program dedicated to making the first year experience a success.

The journey begins the moment a student submits their application form. They are welcomed into the community before they even set foot on campus through private Facebook groups, ongoing Resident Assistant (RA) support, videos and blogs. On arrival, specially allocated first year apartments and tailored O-Week events help prepare them for university life.

Find out more about our V1 – First Year Uni program in Australia.

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Creating a home away from home

Our buildings aren’t just facilities. They are places where communities are born.

We specialise in building vibrant, student-centred living spaces where residents feel safe, inspired and supported. Working with our education partners and local authorities, we plan, build and manage bespoke accommodation projects which range from luxury, resort-style complexes to city-centre havens.

Find out how we created a home away from home at New Zealand’s UCA Student Village.

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Helping residents live, learn and grow

Supporting young people in higher education starts with a home environment where they can develop socially, academically and socially.

This crucial stage in their development is often one of the most positive and rewarding experiences in their adult lives. Our residential life programs offer a range of events so students can meet new people, make friends, learn invaluable skills and perform in their studies. We customise the framework to suit the needs of individual village communities. Just like our villages – no two programs are alike.

Find out how we make student life unforgettable through our vplus membership program in the UK.

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Building a community of leaders

Our villages are places where leaders are born. In the US, living learning communities in selected locations provide residents with opportunities to develop their leadership abilities and learn skills they use throughout university and beyond. The communities provide an invaluable place to network with students and staff and enhance their potential for academic success.

Find out more about Hawks Landing, a living learning community at the University of Houston  – Clear Lake.



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